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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Soulful Living

When we talk about waking up the artist within us, we are also speaking of recognizing ways to take better care of our own souls. One of the first requirements is to acknowledge we even have a soul. You may not be surprised to know that modern thinking often excludes the soul. Thomas Moore in […]


Soulful living

My friend Joanne Miller and I are writing a book about creativity. We have both experienced the healing power of art in our lives. From time to time I want to share with you some of what will be coming out this next Spring in our book: “Be your finest Art”. Dorsey McHugh When we talk […]


Message to True

Dearest True, Peace…comes to us through forgiveness. Even True needs forgiveness.  Maybe especially True.        From “an ancient love story”.  It would be easier if we were not fallen…but it is what it is… Lets make something Lovely.            Yours always,                    Patience