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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Thoughts on Art

Making Our Way Home – 24×24 Thoughts on art… ART can decorate our homes.  GOOD ART compliments our couches and our walls. We can live with good art…GREAT ART reflects our lives, our souls. It challenges us to think, makes us cry for joy or relief or compassion…Great art feeds us, without it our lives are […]

tears of joy a new painting and blog post by dorsey mchugh

Tears of Joy

WEEPING CHERRY (TEARS OF JOY) 24X18 – ACRYLIC ON BOARD   Tears of Joy I grew up in a family of women who talked freely and men who worked hard and spoke very little.  There were lots of stories told around the kitchen table.  Some, I have already shared,  like when my sister, Kit, and cousin Scott ran away […]


And What is Love?

AND WHAT IS LOVE? There is possibly a gypsy living inside of me. And What is Love? – 36×30 – paper on board In the late 60’s and early 70’s, my 3-year old son Todd and I lived in our Volkswagen bus, which my carpenter friend remodeled for us.  He built a storage box large enough […]

somewhere in memory a new blog post by Dorsey McHugh

Somewhere in Memory

SOMEWHERE IN MEMORY  There was a lot of story and fantasy in those early years.  My parents both told us true stories of their parents.  A favorite of mom’s was when her mother fell in love with her father.  Worthy was his name.  He was handsome, strong, loving, and he rode into Helma’s life on […]