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Artist Statement

A simplified explanation of the work that I am doing now is that it is a visual recording of all the places I have been in the last few years. France, England, Ireland, the California coast line, Hawaii, and of course, my home. The more complex explanation of this body of work is that it is a recording of how I made that journey. It is the journey of my heart. The things that speak to me and make even the difficult parts of life, palatable. I have found that everywhere, others share my love of simplicity. I want to paint the adventure of an everyday story. The story that is written when we love our families and friends. When we build our homes. When we enjoy our work, and when we put our faith in Love. We live in an imperfect world. We are imperfect beings. But, we have the ability to focus on what is lovely. My desire is that the message in the art is subtle enough to allow each individual to find what they need in the painting – to make room for their story as well. It’s so amazing to see how God uses our gifts moving through other’s lives, weaving a tapestry of hope through their stories. This is the journey that I am on. This is a glimpse of my Story.