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Mining For Gems

Happy 2016!  I am excited to tell you all this message comes from Dornoch, Scotland.  The Highlands.  I have been here a month.  It is cold and dark. (only about 7 hours of light in a day} and it is surprising even to me that I am enjoying this new experience as much as I am.  My life these days has been a long lesson in “mining for jewels”.  I am discovering when I look for and concentrate on whatever is good and lovely, emerging from the raw materials of the moment – there is an awareness of my own creative voice.  I am searching for the gems around me.  My own creativity is excitedly jumping with anticipation.  Anticipation for the next glimpse of some true thing.  So I am painting…making some new friends. My eyes are growing accustomed to this dim light and these bright people.  I’ll keep in touch.  And I’ll be back before too long!

Peace, Dorsey

2 Comments for : Mining For Gems
    • Steven
    • January 10, 2016

    I’m very excited for you at the same time terribly jealous! I just love the Highlands of Scotland I have spent a lot of time there

    • Becki
    • January 12, 2016

    Dorsey, I am happy for you to have such a great adventure. You are absolutely right…there are gems all around us just waiting to be discovered. May you be greatly blessed in your search and discovery.

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