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Synopsis of the story of True

This is the Story of True and Patience, two travelers who have become increasingly aware of their deep longing for Love.  Along their paths, they find hints of each other. When they sleep, they dream of one another. They are completely absorbed in their discovery.

In this dream, True is called away. He has to say goodbye to Patience .  He gives Patience his coat to hold. He wants her to have a part of himself.  To remind her that He is real.  He tells her to hold onto his coat until He returns.

Patience knows that True is not just a dream.  True has gone, and she doesn’t know where to search.  But, she also cannot give up the promise he left with her……. His coat. There are moments when she feels lost and hopeless and the lights seem to be dimming.

Patience wanders through her days always looking for Him.  Listening for Him to come to her. Her belief that True is real, causes her to view everything in her world differently.  There is a transformation.  She becomes like the caterpillar who wraps a cocoon around itself and waits.  In the waiting Patience is born into a different life.  She has turned into liquid like the caterpillar and reforms into a stronger, more resolute person. Patience has, through all this pain, been made new.

True is fighting a battle.  He cannot forget Patience.  He is afraid he will never find her again.  Along his path, through a tangled forest of doubt and fear, through encounters with death and its awful lies, through resignation and sadness, through momentary glimpses of Patience still holding His coat and still waiting,  He makes his way back to his own self. His life takes Him through dark places.  Through danger, through war. He walks through the valley of the shadow. Even in his darkest moments, He knows He is not alone.  He begins to understand who Hope is.  And that Faith is real. He begins to win battles. His own North Star is His companion, always encouraging him to keep faith with Love.

“Many waters cannot quench Love, nor can rivers drown it.  If a man tried to buy love with all his wealth, his offer would be utterly scorned”  Song of Solomon 8:7



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