An Ancient Love Story

LISTENING FOR YOUR VOICE - Paper on Board/32x40
LISTENING FOR YOUR VOICE – Paper on Board/32×40

Patience had the dream again. For a long time she has seen Him in her dreams. She goes through her days meditating on His smile, His laughter, His touch. She sees His eyes light up when He sees her. She has never known anything like this…now she knows. She will never be the same again. His name is True. He is sunlight, water, air, and more…He tastes of honey. She looks for Him wherever she goes. On this day, she finds evidence of Him. He has left a note in a small opening of one of the trees she walks by daily. Today her eyes are drawn to sunlight dancing on a bit of paper. Patience’s story of True begins here…

Her hands shook as she opened his message…

Dearest Patience,

My dreams of you, my desires for you, have given me faith that you are real. I know you are a living, breathing person who somehow also longs for me. I don’t know where my assurance comes from, but it is as solid as my name. I am True. You are real! My longing is like a beacon in a dark night. I TRUST you will see me and find a way to respond. I will not give up this quest…ever. My sweet, darling friend, I long for you. My need is to touch your face with my eyes. I long to hear your voice, to run my fingers through your hair. I love your mouth, your kisses, your sweet fragrance. I love your laughter. I admire you for how you love, for your devotion to truth. I have known you for a very long time. At first though, it was hard to believe you were real. I know now, you are not a fantasy. In my nights, you pull me to yourself as the moon pulls the tide. In my days, you are the sun holding me tightly in your orbit. Because of you, I am safe.