Be Your Finest Art

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”

There is a way to add Art to your daily life. Begin by listening to yourself when you wake up in the morning. Find a way to add Art into your relationships.

Ways to be your Art:

1.  Appearance- What you wear.

2.  Time- (redeem the time that you are given) Live on purpose.

3.  Awareness- Look at what is around you.  Train yourself anew to see.

4. Love- creatively and deliberately.

5. Conversation- Have a conversation with a child, or someone you have never had a conversation with. Ask different questions.

6.  Think in metaphor- What color would you paint yourself?  Others?  What colors are your individual relationships?  What lines would you add to these pictures?

7.  Remember- Give yourself time to remember who you are.  Go back into your childhood just for fun.  What did you love doing?  How did you play?  What made you laugh? What made you cry?

8.  Use your imagination- to visualize where you want to be.  What would your ideal day look like?  What would your ideal home be?  Imagine how you would go through a day.

9.  Incorporate forgiveness into your thought life- Paint the colors of forgiveness and of being forgiven.

Art and truth are synonymous.  Art does not always have to be beautiful.  It is valuable if it is true.  Tell the truth about yourself in the poetry of your day.  Know you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

Be your best and finest Art…