19x18/acrylic on board
AWAKENING – 19×18/acrylic on board

Relationships are fascinating to me. How we manage to connect with another at all is sometimes more than I can wrap my mind around. When we are young, we trust pretty easily……………Life teaches us to be more cautious. When I think about what a relationship with another person is, whether it is a friendship or a family member or a lover, or even relationship with God Himself, it is amazing to me that there is any quality communication. We are spirits, living in bodies, looking for another spirit who is inside a body willing to tell us the truth. Truth is the medium used to paint healthy relationship. The more truth traffic we manage, the better the relationship. Shifting to this way of thinking has been a process for me. I have had to make “true” a goal. My mindfulness has been shifted from “what I want” to “what is true”. I have also found “patience” living and growing inside me. It takes a lot of patience to sort out relationships. Still……………….what would a world be like without connection with another? We are talking here about water for our souls. Relationships built on acceptance, honesty, respect………..love……………enable us to give more freely. We open doors to adventure. There is more to “us”………….to “you and I” than we know. When we begin the journey of expecting the adventure, it will appear …….  

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