Designed for Love

PERSUASION (Hand-embellished Giclee on Canvas - 48x24 - $1150)
PERSUASION (Hand-embellished Giclee on Canvas – 48×24 – $1150)

Letter to True:

I am so thankful to know you. So thankful you have shown me who you are. Your light is so lovely. Your song is beautiful…your voice and your eyes, the touch of your hand. You are more than enough. Your kindness, and your gentleness are your largest strengths. Love is stronger than steel. Love and patience appear to you at times as weakness. They are not. Patience strengthens you. Love makes you grow, even when it frightens you, even when it scatters everything familiar to the wind.

It is pointless to expect perfection from yourself.

Your days of isolation are ending. The walls around you are cracking and weakening. These barriers will not last long. Your world is much larger and more beautiful outside the walls. You are in this world. Your life will only be better when you realize you also need others. You are designed to be connected. We are all designed for Love. We miss our calling if we don’t give ourselves to it. Do not fear failure. We all fail. It is part of our journey upward. Take the risk. Take the challenge. Come all the way into this new world.

Your friend, Patience