PATRIOTS (acrylic on board/family collection)
PATRIOTS (acrylic on board/family collection)

We are approaching the Fourth of July. This used to be my favorite holiday. For many years, the 4th was my Aunt Dolly’s holiday. We all gathered at her house in Belle Fourche, S.D. for fried chicken, potato salad, fireworks and a carnival, which was there a few days every July. When I was small, I was cowgirl crazy. Annie Oakley was my hero. Just for that holiday my dad bought me cowboy boots (always red), a hat, fringed vest and skirt (the whole outfit)! At that time, the only ride catching my attention was the merry-go-round. My cousin, Tim and I rode those horses round and round and round.

At age 9 or 10, Tim and I were allowed to walk all the way down the hill to the carnival by our selves. One year Tim found a 20-dollar bill on the sidewalk. By that time, we were enamored with the big kid rides: the ferris wheel, the tilt-a-whirl, and the roller coaster. I never got sick, but I was scared for sure! It was one of those things I did just for the fear. That $20 made us Ride Rich! I have remembered those years every 4th of July. It’s hard to admit now I don’t like any of them. They make me feel sick. I can’t seem to find the old excitement for torturing myself. But, I do love the memories. Now the 4th is another day. It is the day before one of my new friends was born. It is the month of my own birthday. There is plenty to celebrate. In fact, I love to celebrate my freedom. I love to find more and more freedom within myself. The truth does set us free. Sometimes it takes effort to find what is true. This, I can attest to. In the past, I have believed truth to be a way of thinking. Now I am convince it is a way to live……….It is in finding True, we can finally live free.

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