Growing in Love

We are in the process of learning how to live in Love. That’s what I want! After class on Wednesday, we usually have lunch together. After we ate, this past week, we talked for over an hour. Patsy asked each of us what we know to be our purpose in life. I answered as well as I could at that moment. Today, after meditating on the question, I realize my answer to be incomplete. The truest answer is this: I want to keep growing Love in my spirit. Rather I want to stay nestled in Love’s arms. The journey is eternal. We can determine to grow in Love. No matter what our failures have been. We can begin again and again. I am an artist. One part of this for me is to tell my story in image or in words. This is another moment of clarity for me. I am filled with such gratitude!

“Allow yourself to experience every note the heart can play.” Michael Singer