Musings of Patience

PERSEVERANCE (25X31 - paper on board)
PERSEVERANCE (25X31 – paper on board)

Your message has found me, just as a note in a bottle thrown into the waves finds its destination! I have believed in you for a long time, possibly my whole life. Now that I know your voice and that your thoughts are turned toward me, how can I ever change my course?

Being True is a monumental task. True’s ability to bond is nearly miraculous. When you consider how selfish we all can be. Finding True in this world is almost too much to hope for…but…faith is where the search begins. To trust someone. To trust another, feels like home. I have trusted you for a long, long time. This is the journey. To actually make it a life’s work! To not give up the search! I think, sometimes, my own assignment was to find “True” within myself. If we find Him inside, we will recognize Him in another. “The kingdom of God is within you”. Here is something to meditate on, to ponder when we wake in the middle of the night. What is this kingdom? Does the seed of this eternal place take up residence within us? If so, Fear is not welcome here. I know now how those disciples long ago asked the question: Are you the one? Are you real?

Courage, then…to Love and be Loved, to know and be known, to live in this trust. True, I am turned toward You with all my heart. You are my destination and my journey. I believe in You.


Your Patience

P.S. I have the sense I am about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life!!!