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Another Journey

Another journey!!!!  I am going to Oklahoma City again Monday.  A year ago in June, I did the same trip, only I drove by myself.  This year, I don’t trust my car to be reliable, especially in this awful heat.  It is dangerous.  I can feel that in my depths.  If I had car trouble of any kind and had to walk any distance at all, I would probably pass out from heat exhaustion.

Today it got up to 108.  TOO hot.  I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion walking from my car into my air conditioned house.  How did we ever manage to sleep at night without air conditioning  I remember years ago when we first moved to Tennessee, having to sleep at night with a fan at my feet, in order to sleep at all.   Now everyone has air conditioning and I am taking the megabus west.  It is a new bus line. Double decker with free wifi.  So inexpensive I could buy 2 tickets if I chose to and could set up my office right there.  So, I am looking forward to seeing my good friend Jude and her lovely mom and dad.  They have all been in my life during significant periods of time.  I have adopted them.  Mother, father, sisters.  The whole family.  I love them.

Since a year ago, my life has changed more significantly than almost any other period of time.  I have been humbled in a genuine way.  I am thankful for all the pain and joy of this year.  Margaret, my therapist (never thought I would add that word to my vocabulary) says I am doing great.  That’s enough for me right now. I hope you are all fully engaged in the adventure of your own lives.  And I will keep you posted as to how my journey progresses .   There will be plenty to talk about , I’m sure.



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    • Kathleen Tolleson
    • July 2, 2012

    Traveling mercies, Dorsey!!! Have a fabulous time and keep us posted on your journey. xo

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