Living Inside

LIVING INSIDE – 33X18 – COLLAGE ON BOARD At this moment, I am sitting in my little screened-in porch. The 2 overhead fans are sending soft, cool air my direction.  The birds are beginning their labor day celebrations.  Considering my own flaws and the mundane, boring details of my responsibilities, I am remembering the prayer of a

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A journey of a thousand steps is taken one step at a time. By the time you reach the ocean, you can be in really good shape and also, very tired. You can’t walk over the ocean, you have to either swim, or get a boat. I personally want to find a good boat, as

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Thin Places

                As I sit here in front of my little Scottish cabin, I am watching the morning light win its battle against the low cloud cover trying to maintain its dominance over this day.  Right now, I feel as if nothing can rob me of this precious light.  It is

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