Thus Begins my Search for True and Patience…

DORSEY5Sitting here in the dormer window of this little cottage.  The weather is still chilly.  I am warm and toasty in my inner landscape.  The weather suits me right now.  As I look out onto the landscape, the thought arises I could possibly be on the set of Wuthering Heights. The imaginative stimulation also suits me. DORSEY6

A moment now to describe the lovely couple who have opened their cottage to me. Allie and Emma who is called Ems (pronounced Aims).  These people are the perfect example of Patience.  They take life as it comes. They live in the moment. As I walked into their busy kitchen this morning, I was handed a bacon sandwich unlike any bacon I have ever tasted.  Last night, they fed me fish and chips with vinegar sprinkled on the top. The night before that, we ate “Cullen Skink”, a haddock chowder, which was amazing.  The first night here I was served roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  Yorkshire pudding!!!!!!  I think I read about that in the Christmas story where I was introduced to Scrooge and tiny tim.  It was lovely!!!


There is an absence of vanity and a quality of sweetness everywhere.  I am told larger cities like Glasgow are filled with drug greed which of course brings darkness with it. But here, in the country, they are not the tiniest bit cynical, and they are amused by my questions.  Half the time, I have no idea what has just been said.  At least half.  So I ask and repeat with what I think is their accent.  Most of the time, they burst into laughter at my attempts.  Who would have thought an English speaking nation would offer such diversity? They are equally amused at my fake southern accent, which by the way, I also crucify. Thus begins my search for True and for Patience.  I have already seen hints of both peeking through the mists of Scotland.

Through the mist

I forgot to mention that the first night I was here I discovered the coast of Scotland.  It is only a 20 minute walk to the sea.  Who could ask for more?  I could stay here for a very long time.  Next week I will begin to paint again.  A few more weeks and I will do some exploring to find  places which promise to be thin.  Be back to you all very soon.

Smiling, dorsey

2 thoughts on “Thus Begins my Search for True and Patience…”

  1. Hello Dors,
    sounds like you are having a great exploration of land and people. so glad for you, may it provide many lovely new images! /thinking of you and praying for you! Bernadette

  2. Oh Dorsey! It is such a joy to think of you being there in such a delightful place. I can sense the new life pouring into you as you are daily “breathing in” the sweetness of your surroundings. Again, I too am smiling with you.

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