Traveling Day

DORSEY #2 The last few days have been filled with loud and funny races around the kitchen island with Eli in the lead and Sammy close behind.  Eli running as fast as his legs can carry him around and around with Sammy sidling behind as fast as he can. Sammy has a unique crawling technique.  His mom says he seems to be in no hurry to walk.  I think she is correct. He uses one leg as a kind of oar.  With diaper butt firmly planted he scoots rather than crawls..  An efficient use of his diaper and very easy on his knees. Eli is 3, self contained He is (of course) smart and he knows just what he doesn’t want. Colin is 6.  When I went to bed last night, I found a note from him, telling me that he hearts (loves) me. That says it all.  He is truly sweet.  Gabe and Alicia are fun to be with.  They are like two trees growing together. They treat each other with a great deal of respect and they both consider their children and their relationship as their primary vocation right now. There is a lot of listening in their household.

Today is a traveling day for me.  Gabe dropped me off at the metro station.  It has been so long since I have navigated for myself, I confess some nervousness about making the connections.  People were kind and helpful though. It is going to be an adventure and it is going to be just fine! So, I find myself in this moment on the megabus, hurdling down the highway on the upper level of a bus that has plugins for my computer and wifi connection.  What more could I ask for?  I have already had a great conversation about art and writing and traveling, with Nathan, a young firefighter who is sitting next to me in Boston.  There have already been angels along the way. Several have asked if I need help with my bags. Kindness surprises us when we least expect it. Our next stop is New York City.  I will find a shuttle to JFK and board a plane which will eventually land in England………farther in and farther up.  The definition of adventure……….

One more brief thought:  When I got off the metro at South Station I was greeted with and soothed by the sound of a violin playing a lovely old familiar hymn.  His music made the subway’s old walls lovely.  I have no idea how or if other hearts were affected, but I was rejoicing as I pulled my bags up and out onto the street.  It was, I think a promise of more to come.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…..Praise Him all creatures here below……..” drifting through my mind and through the corridors of the Boston subway.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Day”

  1. Oh, how wonderful to be a part of this wonderful journey, Dorsey! I have been praying for you every time I think of you, which is often. Thankful that you had sweet time with family. How providential that you started your journey across the pond started with such a hymn of thanksgiving and praise. Yes, I believe it is a signpost to many special days and moments ahead. Heart you!

  2. Dear Dorsey,
    Sounds like a fun & heartwarming visit with Gabe & his precious family to start off your journey!
    Safe travels, friend! I look forward to reading your first post written from across the pond.
    Love, Cathy

  3. Thanks loads Cathy! It was brilliant being in Scotland! I LOVE the people and the wildness of the sea and the island itself. Restful and stimulating at the same moment. dorsey

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