A Duet

The hills behind their home were singing a song…..a melody filled with color and light. As they walked out into that garden, the moment itself lifted them into another world. They had happened upon one of those places where the separation between this world and heaven was very thin. They both knew they didn’t “deserve”

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L’Assemblé I like this image it comforts me. It reminds me of the possibility of a different pace. For decades, it seems I have longed for simplicity in my life. Sadly finding it has always been elusive. The draw of money or things or approval was always calling from the rocky shoals. Their energy is

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Old Homestead

This is a painting I did of my Grandma Helma’s first home in America. Helma came from Finland to Ellis Island when she was 11.  (we found her name there during a New York visit several years ago) Her parents could afford 1 ticket.  She was the most adaptable of their 5 children so she was chosen for this

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A Homecoming

There is a reason why gentle hills and mountains are nearly always in my paintings. They kept me company through all my years of growing up and will always be part of my inner landscape.  The Black Hills is the backdrop for every formative experience I had in my early years.  Always there, always watching

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Soulful Living

When we talk about waking up the artist within us, we are also speaking of recognizing ways to take better care of our own souls. One of the first requirements is to acknowledge we even have a soul. You may not be surprised to know that modern thinking often excludes the soul. Thomas Moore in

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Megamegamega bus

I am thrilled about  the first several hours of this adventure.  It seriously has a 60’s flavor.  There is a community of lovely people out here. I have spoken at length with several of them.  Its as if they are on a picnic.  The megabus is great.  It is slightly disorganized in the South, but soooooo inexpensive.  I got the impression that

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