What defines me?

My vision is what defines me. Do I see through eyes clouded with anger or resentment?  Or do I see through eyes of anticipation and trust. Adversity happens in everyone’s life.  Whether the glass is half empty or half full depends entirely on how we narrate the adversity. It becomes either an opportunity or a punishment.

Art always carries within it the artist’s view of life. My first preference of subject is to paint moments, those moments that for some reason remind us that we are loved and that we love. I paint what I am drawn to. Painting gives me lots of time to reflect on my subjects. In my appreciation for flowers is built an understanding that they have been given to us to tell us that life is good. Color and scent and the enjoyment of gathering is all an integral part of flowers. So flowers have become a gift. A gift to us from the Creator and a gift we give to others to share our own positive narrative about life.

I have acquired a taste for mystery. The burden of having to define everything has been lifted from me. I am alive, and very thankful for this life. So I paint, and I am learning to write. I write in the same way that I paint……….with passion.

What is your story?  It could be a real adventure for you to begin narrating your own life.  Listen to the words you choose. Now is the time to choose a new narrative. If your words are negative look at the other side of the coin and speak the positive. We are not lying when we do this. We are expecting. We are living in a real hope. Hope which is born beyond the walls of this world…

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  1. It is clear to me where the genetic trait that is responsible for Todd’s talent as a communicator came from!

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