beginnings and endingsA journey of a thousand steps is taken one step at a time. By the time you reach the ocean, you can be in really good shape and also, very tired. You can’t walk over the ocean, you have to either swim, or get a boat. I personally want to find a good boat, as I’m not a really great swimmer. I know some of you probably think that’s lazy, but it is what it is.  I will probably never learn to swim much better than I do right now.  Sorry.  It goes without saying, (but I’ll say it anyway) you also have to know how to sail or row a boat. At this point I’m wondering what is so damn important about this journey anyway. I have a feeling that the ocean crossing is going to take awhile and I’m wishing that someone would sail with me.  You know, in case we have to row, there would be 2 more arms.  Another brain would be helpful too. Somebody to laugh with. Someone to tell me stories and encourage me. Oh Lord!  Don’t think about the storms that might come up, or the sharks that might circle!  In all this time, I have pretty much ignored the dangers.  I have blindly gone through my days, with no fear.  It slows you down, anyway, plus you still have the hours and steps to go through. Why bother with the fear. Dan Miller said there are 2 things, which can derail us on our journey, they are fear and tradition. I want to think about that. It might be worth a few hours of examination.