Thoughts on Art

Making Our Way Home – 24×24 Thoughts on art… ART can decorate our homes.  GOOD ART compliments our couches and our walls. We can live with good art…GREAT ART reflects our lives, our souls. It challenges us to think, makes us cry for joy or relief or compassion…Great art feeds us, without it our lives are […]

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Life is Art

Life is Art Life is art….just think about breathing…or about getting dressed in the morning.  Early in my childhood, my dad and my sister both encouraged me to think beyond the surface of things.  Thinking has turned everyday moments into amazing fantasies…..One moment at a time.  This moment I am in holds so much interest.  I am literally bursting!

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Kiss the Chef

KISS THE CHEF Art is not about things. It is not even only about beauty, though of course art can be and often is beautiful. Art is about relationships. Everything I write, or paint, or listen to, or even taste for that matter finds it origin in human relationship. There would be no art without

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She is Jazz

JAZZ – 16X16 – PAPER ON BOARD If she were music, she would be jazz.  She has always been a wild child, an unconventional spirit, creative.  She lives outside the lines, looks at life from a different angle.  She is music moving through this life throwing out little bits of art wherever she goes.

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OUR SHARED MYSTERY – 12×12 Longing for more…more connection…..more Love…turning to Life….choosing to live….being thankful….sharing what we have been given….sharing what comfort we have.  Knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are loved.  Never deserving, only believing.  This life is a mystery.  We see through a glass darkly.  Yes it is a mystery.  It is our shared mystery.