Life is Art

life is art - a new blog post and painting by Dorsey McHugh

Life is Art

Life is art….just think about breathing…or about getting dressed in the morning.  Early in my childhood, my dad and my sister both encouraged me to think beyond the surface of things.  Thinking has turned everyday moments into amazing fantasies…..One moment at a time.  This moment I am in holds so much interest.  I am literally bursting!

The way I approach life, the way I think, the way I was taught to look beyond the surface before making an assessment, has carried me along a path filled with adventure. This adventure has taught me a part of what Love really is.  It has taught me a way to approach “truth” which leads to more “truth”.  When I find an idea or an experience which resonates in me, I put it into my own vocabulary.  But, I hold it loosely.  Most truth is refined in some kind of fire.

A few years ago, I had open-heart surgery.   I was born with a faulty aortic valve and lived into this era of medical accomplishment.  What was not available to me at birth, became routine later in life.  So I am still on the planet, beginning this new adventure of writing, and teaching and making more art.  I determined then, to live until I die.  I began to turn my face toward not just doing art, but being art.  The title of Joanne’s and my book “Be Your Finest Art” grew out of that moment.  Without the encouragement and the support of other people, I would not be here. I have also come to see relationship, conversation, kindness, laughter, (failures even) all as an art form.  My choices are usually easy.  Positive or negative?  Life or unlife?  I am going to make that choice with my eyes lifted up.  Lets do this together!  Lets value what is truly valuable!

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  1. You might just have been describing my world. Receiving a link to your site has been a wonderful affirmation to continue living my own art filled life. Thank you Dorset.

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