Kiss the Chef

Kiss the Chef a new blog post by Dorsey McHugh


Art is not about things. It is not even only about beauty, though of course art can be and often is beautiful. Art is about relationships. Everything I write, or paint, or listen to, or even taste for that matter finds it origin in human relationship. There would be no art without us. It takes very little to figure this out. The art of relationship fuels everything. Music, scent, taste, story are all part of this lovely, moving, sad, glorious story. We are here together and all our stories are about us or about our relationship with our maker. Our stories are valuable. The first words we speak, our first kisses, the first time we do anything are all reason to celebrate. We celebrate all we can find to be thankful for. Art is a tool for telling, listening to, and understanding all our stories. Get in touch with yours! See what good may have come from an experience that seemed bad at the time. Learn how to share them. You are the only person who has lived your life. You are unique! I wonder, if we do this more…will we gain more compassion? Will we fight less? Or will we at the very least, find ways to choose only those battles which are necessary? I wonder…

Post script: When we begin to understand our own stories, will we love better? Will we treat each other with more respect? I’m just asking…

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