Engaged in Life

A few years ago, I saw a television documentary special researching why some people live to 100 years old or beyond.  There was a lot of supposition – a lot of guessing as to what the common factor might be.  In the final analysis, there were lifetime smokers, drinkers, and people who did not eat in a

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In This Moment…

Sunlight danced on the corner of the landing. It dodged in and out among the shadows there…. Sparkling…..singing to her. She had spent years seeking light. Now in this moment, she embraced shadows as A part of light’s story. It took energy to find the stillness, To be open to the strong, happy voice of her

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How do we get introduced to ourselves?  How do we identify the gifts in us that make us who we really are? We try very hard to stuff ourselves into places where there is no fit. Often we do this to make someone else happy. In John Bunyan’s book – “Pilgrim’s Progress”- the traveler leaves his



There are moments in this life when all that is required of us is to listen.  Magical moments when  life allows us to see eternity in the night sky, or when we know that we are Loved, and we love in return.  We listen……..  

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His Workmanship

Tonight, this thought has found its way to me:  That all our sorrows, and all our joys and everything between sorrow and joy makes us who we are.  These things provide us with all the tools we need to accomplish the tasks that belong to us.  We are uniquely made and then uniquely sancitified by

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