v-61  Stop Talking...Learn to just Be  40x30

STOP TALKING…LEARN TO JUST BE  – acrylic on board – 40×30

Joanne Miller and I spoke at a conference this Thursday. Sixty people gathered for Dan Miller’s “Innovate” conference. We were offered 2 days of listening and participating in the search for a way to be more comfortable with our own creative voice.  Dan and Joanne began years ago doing seminars for people who want to be happier and more prosperous in their work.  It’s a fact we all have to work.  Dan has always seen creativity as a means to the goal of being happier in our work.  My relationship with the Millers began 2 years ago when Joanne asked me if I would like to teach.  The “Sanctuary” is the renovated barn on their property which they have used for conferences and also now for art class.  The conference held an interesting group of people of varied ages, from all different backgrounds, all with the desire to grow into more of their own individual creativity.  I was enriched by every conversation I had.  This was a fine group of people.

During Joanne’s and my presentation, we were talking about ways we have found to open up our channels of creativity.  One of the recommendations we make is to pay attention to now, to listen, to process what we are hearing, to notice the texture of what is around us. We testified to the exciting and stimulating affect of actually seeing color. There is so much of life we miss because we have placed ourselves on automatic pilot.  When was the last time you actually tasted your morning coffee or tea, or a glass of water for that matter?  When was the last time you sat quietly, listened, breathed and acknowledged the mystery of this life we are living?  I realized this week that I am and have been for a very long time, possibly forever, a sensual person.  And I also saw clearly that sensuality has been considered a dirty word in some circles. I am good at sensuality.  Sensuality fuels all of my art, my words and also the images I paint.  As I am painting, the air touches my face – the light warms me.  My imagination helps me to discover a little house over that hill in the distance. This inner adventure of discovery helps create my future.  When did we begin thinking that noticing what is around us, or imagining what might be there is a waste of our time?  Now is the time for us to take a new look at our lives.  It is time, to acknowledge we have placed too much weight on things.  We can begin again, like children, to enjoy what is.  We were born with a natural ability to feel.  We can choose to live here again.



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