Engaged in Life


A few years ago, I saw a television documentary special researching why some people live to 100 years old or beyond.  There was a lot of supposition – a lot of guessing as to what the common factor might be.  In the final analysis, there were lifetime smokers, drinkers, and people who did not eat in a healthy way.  All lived to 100 or more.  The one factor, which seemed to be the only thread common to everyone, was that they engaged in living.  The centenarians were all doing something in their lives they loved doing.  One 73 yr. old woman worked in a museum and broke her hip. A broken bone at this age would usually be the beginning of the end for any senior, marked by a long convalescence. But, she loved her work and was so determined to return to her job, she healed rapidly. She was back in the museum far ahead of when the doctors said it was probable.  She wanted to be back into her life. This is how art has given me better health.  When I am engaged in a creative process, I wake in the morning with it on my mind -eager to get into my studio to work.  I use the word “work” while feeling it not labor at all.  I LOVE doing what I do.  It is certainly more like play than work.  I am often rejoicing that I get to do this to earn my living.  I can say without any doubt, art has eased my stress level, given me unexpected adventures, and hope, often in the midst of anxiety.  Whether you put paint to canvas, words on paper, or apply creativity to your left-brained accounting career…you will find joy and satisfaction in the process.

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  1. Very nice commentary Dorsey. You are very fortunate to work and make a living at what you love. I think sometimes people don’t realize how hard it is for a creative person to be stuck in a cubicle 40 hours a week, because they have a family to support, and how contrary to nature that feels for a creative person. Call it dramatic, but in the past I have found it inprisonating.

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