OUR SHARED MYSTERY – 12×12 Longing for more…more connection…..more Love…turning to Life….choosing to live….being thankful….sharing what we have been given….sharing what comfort we have.  Knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are loved.  Never deserving, only believing.  This life is a mystery.  We see through a glass darkly.  Yes it is a mystery.  It is our shared mystery.

Pretty Fine!

PRETTY FINE! 20X24 A life of its own…. The red scarf was a gift.  She loved it. It was warm and they were in Love.  After she lost it, she hoped it would find meaning and love wherever it landed.

Good Hope

There is nothing quite like the magic of a summer night.  The children are sleeping, the evening is warm. We sit outside our cottage watching the moon as it dreams its ancient story. We have our own dreams. Our words dance around us as we idly use them to paint the picture of  “A Good Hope”…