Our Shared Mystery

Our Shared mystery a new painting by dorsey mchugh

OUR SHARED MYSTERY – 12×12 – oil on canvas

The eyes of my heart.

We have an ancient foe. His quest: to steal us away from our true selves, to blind us to what is true in others. He convinces us we must build iron walls to protect what is valuable in us. We forget though:

There is already a shield. We are loved. We can relax in its indestructability.

What is Love? It isn’t so much that we Love. It is that we are loved, perfectly. Our task has always been only to believe. To believe in its power, and to rest. This is our most precious gift.

Believing is a verb. I choose to orbit around the true sun. I corral my thoughts and my voice into submission to its truth.

I am thankful for my imagination. I can picture what is good and pure and lovely, and think these pictures until they manifest themselves to me. I see with the eyes of my heart.

This has always been a mystery. It is our mystery.