living with intention a new painting by Dorsey McHugh

LIVING WITH INTENTION (8×8/oil on canvas)

Living with intention means we make decisions. We don’t drift with the strongest current. We choose life. We choose to be kind and to love. We choose to forgive others and ourselves. We make these choices according to our own personal values. As my friend Joanne has said many times, “What’s wrong with rose-colored glasses?” I agree. It is better to think positively in the face of lots of negative evidence, than to assume the worst. It is better to take the attitude of having a glass half-full than to have one of a glass half-empty. I have decided, with intention, to believe. To believe I am loved and forgiven, with all my flaws. And I choose to give this same grace to you.


Happy Holidays from Dorsey McHugh Fine Art! For the 2nd year, Dorsey is offering a series of paintings, 8×8, oil on canvas – for a special price this season, $300. The paintings will also be posted on her blog – If you would like to purchase one of the paintings, you can contact us at [email protected] or by phone/text to Susan at 615-293-3623.

Frame can be added for $50. Shipping and handling is $25, if not locally purchased.


step into the story by dorsey mchugh

Also, Dorsey’s first book – Step Into the Story – a lovely, colorful collection of paintings and writings, can be ordered and ready to deliver December 6th. (Softbound, 8″x8″, 44pg., $24.95) To pre-order via PayPal:
Go to and enter [email protected] as the recipient. The price is $24.95 per book and $5 for shipping, unless you will pick up in Nashville.
On the final payment page, in the message box, please include your name and address for shipping, if not picking up locally.
If you prefer to pick up in Nashville, they are available at Two Old Hippies in the Gulch. (

Peace and Joy to you…


  1. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but I wonder which words? The Living with Intentions painting and the title reminds me of my choices. I can decide to live in a house like the one above, where life is intentional instead of one of frustration and reaction.
    Wonderful Dorsey, as usual!

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