KINDNESS (8×8/oil on canvas) The other day I left an upper cupboard open and ran right into it with my face. My eyelid was cut. The whole thing was a bit humbling and painful, not to mention the black eye which lingered awhile. All this brought back to me a memory from about age 4.

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THANKFUL (8×8/oil on canvas) Sometimes there is no better word for life than ‘delicious’. This morning I have been listening to and dancing with Buddy Holly. I listened to Brené Brown’s Ted speech on vulnerability before the sun was up and before finishing my first cup of coffee. I had a laugh and a conversation

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HOME (8×8/oil on canvas) The whole concept of “home” is rich.  I could write a lot about it.  In fact I have already written a lot.  But, I keep coming back to these little houses nestled into the earth, or holding themselves together in community.  I paint what I most want.  And I want “home” and

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SOLITUDE (8×8/oil on canvas) None of us wants to be alone all the time. We need connection. There is no connection without vulnerability. I am learning some of this for the first time. When I was small, I spent a great deal of time alone. My life as a child was not necessarily happy. But, it was rich. Because

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UNAFRAID (8×8/oil on canvas) Fear is negative. It is the same as faith, only it’s faith in a lie. We create with our thinking. We paint the images in our thought life. Most of us don’t realize the power of creativity we have living in us. It’s a good idea to thoughtfully build our hopes

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