v-97  kindness  8x8

KINDNESS (8×8/oil on canvas)

The other day I left an upper cupboard open and ran right into it with my face. My eyelid was cut. The whole thing was a bit humbling and painful, not to mention the black eye which lingered awhile. All this brought back to me a memory from about age 4. I was assigned the catcher’s position in a game of baseball with my sister, Kit, and my brother Alan. Stepping too close to the batter just as Alan swung at the ball, I was completely knocked down and out. The story is, I was out for about 3 minutes. When I opened my eyes, Alan – who was 11 years older than I, was so overjoyed by my return to life, he nearly cried. I have never forgotten the tenderness he showed me. Alan had such a kind heart that a few years ago, he called me and brought it up, asking for forgiveness. My memory of Alan and my Dad, and actually all the men in my childhood, is one of Kindness. I am so thankful for the thread of kindness woven throughout my life.

When I look at emotions as color, (I often do) using an art metaphore, I believe Kindness is the middle-toned ground on the canvas of ‘me’. It is, in this moment, the background color in which I compare all my choices. In art, it is always best to paint on a middle tone. Easier to see the “values” in colors. Values are the key to form in art.

Alan is no longer living on this planet, but he is not forgotten. His kindness and many other good qualities are still woven into my life. I am thankful for him. We all have similar stories. Our stories are important. They remind us of who we really are.


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step into the story by dorsey mchugh

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