The Best is Yet to Come

The best is yet to come - new blog post and painting by Dorsey McHugh

The best is yet to come

We walked, holding hands and hugging ourselves, up the long gentle hill winding to the hotel.  Massive snowflakes drifted gently from the clouds, landing on our coats, hats and faces, finding purchase on us and on the ground.   We talked about our dreams, about who we are and who we want to be.  The air was filled with softness.   The snow absorbed all hard-edged sounds and we listened to each other.  This walk, this conversation, the hot tea and honey we drank slowly, wordlessly, while gazing out the windows, all contributed to the magic of the moment.  A moment filled with dreams and promise  (a promise of more to come).  And with the snow came a peace, a contentment,  a joy, a knowing that the best is yet to come.   Always and ever, the best is still to come.