Think on what is good and pure and lovely

Think on what is good and pure and lovely - a new blog post and painting by Dorsey McHugh

Think on what is good and pure and lovely…..

I am a thinker.  My earliest conscious thoughts are memories of wandering around our tiny farm, making up stories and songs and sometimes feeling so thankful, I would cry. The way my mind processes story is first through image.  I get a picture in my mind which triggers words. I remember carefully studying a milkweed pod, its pristine white fibers popping out for the wind to take away on some adventure.  And I remember telling God he had done an amazing job with these lovely weeds.

I also pondered in those early years, the mystery of death……and other things which baffled my young mind.  Eternal questions which remain a mystery still.  I love mystery.  I am drawn to it much more than I am to certainty.  In my world of artistic discovery, mystery holds far more beauty.  So, this journey for me has been a process of finding a few ambiguous truths of which I am certain:  it IS better to “think on what is good and pure and lovely” than to close the door on optimism.  At least in this moment, There are plenty of milkweeds to be thankful for.