Rainbow in the Morning Sky





There is a rainbow in the morning sky. The sun is shining, but it’s still raining. I guess I’ve seen this happen before. Today though, in this place in this moment I am particularly aware of the oddness of these juxtapositions. It’s easy to see the metaphor. The exciting, joyful, lovely parts of life happen often in the same season as the sad and difficult. All mixed in together. This is certainly why Art can have such a voice in our souls. Music, visual arts, movies, poetry….. all can touch us deeply. The voice of art is often like a surgeon’s hands. Hands that in their skilled way, get sometimes deeply inside us. Healing us. It is possible the consistent message of art is one of a rainbow. A promise. The lovely small voice whispering to us Love is still real and Hope is still alive.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow in the Morning Sky”

  1. Dorsey – oh I love that. We can expect the sun and the rain at the same time in our lives. But the combination can still produce a rainbow if we look for it.

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