Storm on the Highlands


A THIN MOMENT – acrylic on board – 8×8 – $800

There was a storm on the highlands. A storm unlike anything Patience had ever witnessed. It seemed to originate less in the heavens than on the surface of the land. Small bursts of light in random succession would explode and crackle, moving rapidly from one place to another. She watched for a long moment,  holding herself together in observation mode.  She knew this meant something…..but……what? She then shifted her gaze to the face she saw revealed in flashes of light. Her gut told her this face belonged to True.  But, she needed to study it.  She had no other thoughts than: Who is this person? What part, if any, will he play in her own divine comedy? Who is he really?

In the morning sunlight, there was no scent of the previous night’s drama. There was no hint of that strong face, no lingering evidence. Only the dream and the sunlight burning away its mists….