Thin Places

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As I sit here in front of my little Scottish cabin, I am watching the morning light win its battle against the low cloud cover trying to maintain its dominance over this day.  Right now, I feel as if nothing can rob me of this precious light.  It is alive inside me already today. I am thinking about my search for “thin places”.  There is all sorts of scientific documentation trying to prove their existence and their value, information that I don’t usually find easy to hold in my head.  So, with what wisdom I have, I am staying open to the possibility of anything. Even Fairies and leprechauns are in reserve as props for any stories coming out of this journey.  One serious observation I am having is my own distinct victory in the battle to relax.  Being away from wi-fi for days at a time is a brilliant thing.  So is spending several hours in silence, because of the relative isolation I have here in this magical place.  Yes, I said “magical”.  Don’t expect any proof though.    My planned resting is nearly over.  I am nearly ready to begin moving around again.  Still looking for thin places, but will confess an emerging thought:  Possibly the distance between heaven and earth is bridged in part by the state of our own soul.

Just a thought………


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  1. I received one of your stories by email, which led me to this page, thank you for finding me. Keep up the good work.

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