Notes from a “thin place”



Good morning Rocky mountains. Good morning joyful birds. Good morning dear friends. Good morning from Peace Ranch in Colorado. There is a lovely ridge of mountains surrounding me as I sit outside under the canopy of blue sky.  My friend Shelley is drinking her second cup of espresso while staring sleepily out at the breathtaking view. I have just left the soft meandering conversation of two other friends drinking their morning tea in the little kitchen nook. We are in a valley filled with flowers, evergreens and aspens replete with trillions of leaves shaking in the breeze. The ridges in the distance are all green and rocky and red dirt. Whoever painted this for us to experience has left nothing out.  We saw a bear, 2 elk, and a deer yesterday.  I am expecting good things today.  More than good, I am expecting to close the distance between myself and wisdom. Wisdom has gradually become the prize I want most.

My path has held many turns. When I don’t know how to continue, there has always been some kind of angel meeting me to give me the guidance I need for that moment. I am thankful.  I am thankful for dear friends.  I am thankful for the transparency we have developed with each other nourishing us all.  This air is filled with anticipation for a new day. A growing day. A day to love and be loved. A day for listening.