All Our Sorrows and All Our Joys

Tonight, this thought has found its way to me:

All our sorrows, and all our joys, and everything between sorrow and joy makes us who we are.  These things provide us with all the tools we need to accomplish the tasks that belong to us.  We are uniquely made and then uniquely sancitified by our experiences.  There is no one else who is like us.  We are all true art and we are all finding our own patience.

I have moments of clarity.  Moments when I can see and feel confident that there is some real purpose to the craziness that we walk through at times in our lives.  When this clarity comes to me, with it also comes gratitude.  Gratitude for the wisdom it is imparting.  Wisdom that provides an addition of some necessary color for the tapestry or the art that is this individual life.  “For we are His workmanship , created by the master artist.”

I know that sometimes the words of the Bible are heard as dry, sanctimonious, judgements.  If we can receive them as poetry, as an art form, they can make an organic, living contribution to our true selves.

Peace, Dorsey

2 thoughts on “All Our Sorrows and All Our Joys”

  1. love this…love your heart..His heart that spills out onto the canvas through you. So thankful for the honesty and beauty of your words and for all of your artistic expressions that come from the pain and the joy. I get to look at your gifts every day, and they always make me smile.

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