An Evidence of Love


Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. Chocolates, candy hearts, poems being written and declarations of love to be made. While this is fun, today…I’m thinking about a deeper Love.

Years ago, my older sister – working as a psych nurse in a hospital – told me what the staff looked for in a newly admitted patient. It was an evidence of Love; they were mining for memories of gold. The first days and weeks were spent asking questions and listening carefully. When the staff found any trace of it, they knew the patient had a chance of finding clarity. Their goal was to follow Love’s trail all the way into health. It was their task to offer hope to their patients.

I am more than thankful for every person who has been part of my life experience. We shine out Love’s energy as we flow through our days. Love is powerful. It is the magic which turns ashes into gold. Where there is Love, there is hope. Hope for the journey as we walk each other home.

2 thoughts on “An Evidence of Love”

  1. So beautiful Dorsey! Thank you for sharing that memory of your sister and thank you for being a friend all these years! I so enjoy your art in our home! Happy Love Day!

  2. I am sorry I am just now reading this. Your words and thoughts are so beautiful, powerful and true! Thanks for sharing.

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