Blue Moon

The blue moon a couple of weeks ago, was quite an experience for me. To begin with, my awareness of any full moon has heightened. I now spend many moments appreciating her light. Since there are so few blue moons, this one in particular was more meaningful. It reminded me of all the other treasured visuals, experiences and relationships I have been given. More than I can count. How brilliant and lovely she was! I was with amazing friends who spent several speechless moments being, just being in her presence with me. As an artist I tell LIGHT’S story. In that blue moon, I realized she was telling us all HER story. She has silently watched our wars, our generations of life, our march toward the Love,  all the while reminding us that beauty and encouragement, and even faith can be seen in her reflective patience. We, like the moon, are designed as reflectors. We can look at HER beauty and see the Sun in the only way our eyes can take him in. We would be blinded by a direct view of such intense power. After this blue moon, I know nothing for me will ever be quite the same.

Peace, Dorsey