A Spiritual Endeavor…ART!

GIVEN A CHOICE – 10X21/acrylic on board

Art at its best, is a spiritual endeavor……truly.  It draws us into another world.  .  It is a seed we have inside us.  We don’t plant it, we care for it with tenderness and hard work.    It becomes our life’s focus to nourish it, give it whatever tools it needs to grow.  But, our creativity is ours already.  In my own experience, in the temperament I have, academics have rarely been nourishing.  I am for the most part self-taught.  This means I do better at learning if I see “why” something works.   I parallel this sometimes, with my own experience of incorporating Jesus into my spiritual walk.  I didn’t need seminary to grow in this life.  I needed to follow Love’s guidance and to allow my spirit its own growth.  It is not a stretch for me to see this much the same as following the creative spirit in me.  We observe and learn how to be an artist by following our own artistic leading.  I have found that as I listen to its voice, I am drawn to all the tools I need to assist in growth.  Great art is authentic art.  We hear its voice and we follow it.  True Spirituality is Real.  It works with our flaws as well as our strengths.  The definition of True in my vocabulary now includes “transparency”.  We are honest in ways we only imagined having the freedom for.  It begins with a mustard seed.  It then grows into a limitless seed-bearing tree. What a joy to plant seeds into another for expanding their own life of creativity!  True spirituality begins in our hearts.  It is nourished in our souls.  It can only be received from the Master artist.  When art and spirit join hands, they are given the ability to do authentic art as well as be an authentic person.

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