The Fellowship of True

Walking Each Other Home (Stage 1) – 40×40/acrylic on board – in upcoming blogs, we will feature the progress on this painting. This is the first in a new series Dorsey is beginning inspired by the Ram Dass quote “We’re all just walking each other home”. 

“There is a new way of thinking available to us.  We don’t have to focus on ourselves.  We can manage thought with a new kind of discipline.  We can begin the process of turning away from the negative to embrace the positive.  This is actually a very old concept…“thinking on whatsoever is good and pure and lovely and of good report”.  How much of our time is spent on a negative thought?  Is there a way to gain access to more positive discipline?  Wayne Dyer, Pema Chodron, and Eckhart Tolle are a few who offer insight.  After my marriage of 39 years failed a few years ago, I began the reconstruction process of eliminating negative thought patterns. It has been massive.  I began to see how much of my thoughts were actually pointing me in a direction which my best self did not want to go.  I have now renewed my intention of heart to love as I go along, to laugh more, and to give all the encouragement I can give.  These thoughts, when applied sincerely, and without a great deal of fanfare,  have power to bring more light and life into our moments.  What could be any better than this?  Without this, we risk missing the mark entirely.  Without the intention to LOVE, every road eventually takes us back to serving ourselves.  I am in search of True.  He has now become my passion.  I am approaching this quest with a great storehouse of humor.  Nothing is worth doing without it being laced with fun and with laughter.  So, my life is filled now with more laughter.  This is quite an adventure.  I speak the language of fantasy.  Allegory, mythology, and story enrich my life. That is the language I speak. It holds truth in its arms, gains easy access to my heart,  and supplies me with as much adventure as I want. I am a girl who grew up on the South Dakota prairie. My life was filled with story and imagination as early as my memory began gathering thoughts.  I have crossed paths with others who have this same trajectory.  We are seeing a fellowship of adventurers forming around us.  We are on an epic journey in search of True.”

Peace, Dorsey

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  1. Dorsey, how beautiful! I will especially enjoy seeing this work in progress. Where you’ve been sheds light, and reveals a path for others….a gift. Thank you!

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