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Conversation is at the top of my favorite things list. My Dad –  and later my sister, Kit – taught me the joy and art of what a conversation is when in its best form. I love turning ideas over. I love being honest with another person. I love trusting another’s intellect and their heart enough to respect their ideas. It has enhanced my life more than I can adequately express.

My youngest son, Gabe, once called me on my birthday and told me he wanted to have a conversation with me because he was aware that it was a gift I would truly appreciate. All three of my sons are sensitive to this. They are each so fun and interesting in conversation. I consider them dear friends. It is cool for me to be known in this way.

All our relationships are bridges we cross over. Some are little footbridges, lovely places to share with someone else.  Some hold more weight. Some are sturdy interstate bridges which become our foundational places. We learn how to discern the nature of the bridge being built. I am finding contentment in this process. Life is so complex and yet quite simple. I am thankful……THANKFUL for each one. I have heard it said that a man can be judged by the quality of the friends he has…I must be crazy wealthy.

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