Creative Awakening

When I was younger, I meditated without knowing that was what I was doing. I would look at a thought from all angles. My Dad taught me to do that.  I started getting up with him at 5:30 am on school days when I was 11.  I loved those morning hours with him because we had conversations unlike the times when others were around.  For some reason, he talked to me about his inner landscape as if I were an equal.  He often asked me what I thought of the things he was saying. There were long moments of silence and then he would speak as if I had been listening to his thoughts. It set me free to think my own thoughts.  I had friends who enjoyed this type of conversation. We read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibrahn and discussed it for hours. Then my older sister went to the University of Chicago. She was there at the time that the “womens movement”  was happening. Women burned their bras at the University and when Kit would come home for the holidays or summer, we had the most amazing exchanges!  I was learning how to think.  And I was coming to life.  I turned toward a life of music and poetry and thinking away from materialism.  This was the beginning…

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