Let Love In – Guest Post, Belinda Lams of Soul Organizer

You’ve been drinking the same water for years. It tastes fine….

Until one day, you are handed a glass of pure, crystal clear water.

You sip.

This is amazing! Unbelievable! You wonder what you’ve been drinking all these years. Was it even water?

So it is with love. When you experience a love that penetrates to your depth—love that knows, accepts, prefers, envelops, bestows, heals—then all that is not love is now perceptible.

We live in a murky realm. We attempt to give love. We long to receive love. But there are so many guards blocking the way.

Vulnerability would surely reveal the shame, insecurity, unworthiness that is buried deep within.

We spend precious energy protecting old wounds—energy that, if released, could nurture the love we crave.

But we don’t notice, and instead tolerate the familiar landscape. We drink the water we know.

Then love cracks open the door and shines its pure light, offering a glimpse of the truth we secretly hoped was there. We recognize the impurity and resignation of our lives. We now know what is possible.

Soul Organizer is a personal coaching service dedicated to help you to create and live your best life from the inside out. Belinda Lams is a personal life coach who specializes in Dreams & Goals, Life Transitions, and Grief Integration. She is certified through Refuah Institute in Jerusalem, Israel and is a trained Professional Organizer. She currently studies Spiritual Formation and Moral Psychology with Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Ph.D. in Los Angeles, CA.

Belinda is happily married to Jeff and is the proud mother to her grown son Jordan and her daughter Aria who is in heaven.

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