My Name is Patience

My name is Patience. I have, for most of my life, consciously and unconsciously been looking for someone whose real name is True. When I was very young, I spoke with him continuously. He heard me and sometimes directed me to more understanding of himself. Part of my journey has led me through what is best described as a tangled forest. It is not dark or scary, though I see the potential. Fear is kept at bay by recognizing the power light has in giving shadows their own kind of beauty. Light is Lord of all. Light is Love and beauty, and joy, and more. Light is so unthreatened it lends its power to shadows. I have run into many shadows in this tangled forest. Occasionally there are other travelers here as well. One such traveler nearly convinced me his name was True. I am still not entirely sure it is not. He is a divided soul. In the shadows, he spoke to me in whispers telling me of love and sweetness and pleasure. In the light, he became someone else entirely. He changed from warmth to ice. His demeanor changed entirely. His countenance was so different in the contrast. Shadows and light are for him, completely different. Usually shadows submit to the light and become more one with it. How could this happen to someone? The only explanation I can find for the division of his soul is pain. He must have felt so much pain about a part of himself that he tried to cut the shadows out. In this way, he would only feel whole if he were unaware of the other. When he played the shadow part, he left out the light, and when he stood in the light, he could not join with his own shadow. We are all souls living in this world of shadows. It is necessary to make peace with both. We are who we are, complex and simple. One thing I know about this is we can’t have whole relationships unless we can be honest about both sides of ourselves. There is so much more to this truth. There is more to us all than we know.