Sowing Good Seed

It was early Sunday morning in Anacostia, D.C. We had driven paintings to my gallery in Georgetown. Susan and I wanted to drive through the area to get some referral photos. I like to incorporate local images from the area surrounding the gallery. Anacostia was considered unsafe for 2 women to drive through alone, but I have never paid much attention to that kind of warning. (An inherent dislike of fear.) I discovered, in Susan, a like-minded soul. She had her Dad’s CINCPAC hat! What more did we need? I saw this peaceful gardener working with her hands in the dirt and immediately knew it would live on a canvas. There were many people dressed for church on the streets. Most smiled and waved at our bright faces. This painting has always been a reminder for me to expect goodness from other people. To expect goodness from the great mystery which is life. This image of a sweet gardener became “Sowing Good Seed”. The seeds continue to grow and to flower, and to give others a reason to smile.