Patience – Image or Story?

Patience a new painting and blog post by Dorsey McHugh


Sometimes, I wonder what I love more…image or story.  If this were a race, it would be close.   I understand and value the power of both.  Image is something that comes into my imagination and holds on there until I put my hand to it.   The image then, has a life of its own.  Image begins to write the words.  Story though, such as the True and Patience story which is running through my thoughts all the time, also seems to have a life of its own.  When I begin to record it, or any other story really, images begin their dance onto the canvas of my imagination.  They go hand in hand.  Is it possible that all our senses provide a contribution for our stories?  Recently, essential oils have been weaving their way into my personal story.  There is nothing like the scent of lavender or wild orange to stimulate this imagination!  Taste and touch are also worth examining…think about the taste of your favorite foods.  Think about how it feels to hold a baby in your arms, or how touching provides its own adventure.  The image I am sharing with you today is one of the first in the “ancient love story” which is writing itself into my life.  I really can’t remember if the words came first or if “Patience” provided the words.  Does it really matter?

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