step into my story


What is Love by

It is morning.  the sun is up.  the birds outside my window are having a party.  It is going to be a lovely day.  My routine is to get up, go down the stairs. and drink a cup of chai on the little patio outside.  Its a soft place to land while contemplating the day.  It is a good moment to be thankful.  thankful for the air we breathe, for the space we get to take up on this planet.  there is plenty of time to record some thoughts.  Its a way to ease into thinking about the class I’ll be teaching in a few hours.  It takes only a small amount of time and no anxiety.  Its fun to trust the words to come at the appropriate moment.  There is a lot to say about art and life.  The way they flow together.  It is my intention to have an artistic life.  To let art weave its way into my thoughts and my vocabulary.   Life is filled with so much possibility that there really is no excuse not to make each second a deliberate piece of the larger sculpture which is our own individual artistic expression. It is satisfying to make clothing and jewelry and make up and hair part of the colors and the textures that give my day a little more interest and fun and art.    Every day is a new part of a living tapestry.  Words become the vehicles that transport me. they are a means of flying.  Just as in this moment, words are gliding through the inner sanctuary of my own imagination. This is something worth sharing.  Relationships have art in them as well.  I like the art in our relationship.  Of course life gets jumbled up and there is always a mixture.  It is one of the flaws that has been woven like a weed into our reality.  It can be minimized, but not eliminated.  We can build our relationships with as few weeds as possible.  Love is the best art of all.  Love is really the only way to create something.  Let’s have our own party!    We can be creative today!  We can learn how to fly!  Lets give ourselves over to Love!!!