Stilled By The Wind

It’s windy today on The Highlands. This furtive kindness…the sun…the quiet…the joy.  This wind – only wind – is cleaning out the cobwebs. Our many small and large errors are being swept from our souls. I turn to the God of origins. The one who has no name to explain Himself. She is today’s sunlight. He is yin. We all know who our mother is…comforter, healer, quan yin (compassion). In this moment, my thoughts are stilled by the wind. I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “Stilled By The Wind”

  1. So nice to receive this from you today. I love the new art and the balance that is achieved. Love the blue tone on the roofs and those beautiful puffy white sheep.

    Last night was the two year anniversary of my father passing and I can’t tell you how peaceful it was to look at the stars in the sky and to know they’ll always be two stars in my original McHugh painting.

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