Super Sleuths

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Super Sleuths

My older sister, Kit, was an avid reader. She was nearly always curled up in some corner with a book. Kit was my hero. I wanted to be just like her, so I read my first Nancy Drew book at age 6. My childhood held one mystery story after another through the following years. I LOVED those books and considered myself nearly Nancy’s equal. In High School, a classmate – Billy Yipperella, reported that his car had been stolen. The whole student body of Newell High School loved Billy’s car. Of course I don’t remember the make of the car. (It was cool though.) There was a rash of car thefts in the area, so my friend Gail and I decided with Nancy Drew deduction, that the thieves would probably hide the car somewhere on the prairie where it would be easy to pick up later, after the buzz had died down.

Early Saturday morning we jumped into our little roadster convertible (a total fantasy) – we probably borrowed Gail’s Mom’s beater. At any rate, we headed out to Newell Lake where there were lots of hills and hiding places on the land all around it to camouflage something that large. We spent the better part of the day, driving around and around, over that prairie grass. We were sure it had to be there somewhere and with super sleuth tenacity, we FOUND it hiding in a ravine, which seemed almost invisible. When we drove over that hill and saw the car just sitting there, waiting for us, we screamed with excitement. I don’t remember exactly how the rest of this story rolled out. My Dad took care of the details of reporting it, drove with us to remember the spot. Billy got his car back. And we were heroes for a few days. Why should they doubt us…right? We had Nancy Drew, the best teen sleuth ever as our guide!

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